We’re Back!

We’re Back!

After two, very long months without the Mini, I was starting to get withdrawals. In the beginning of November, the body shop was working on most of the metal work and body work. Most importantly, the sunroof delete was my top concern since the previous job was not performed well. Luckily, Matt and his team @ Anaheim Rod & Custom (ARC) helped with taking care of the car

Once the roof and some other metal bits were taken care of, ARC prepped the body with the primer and other paint prep.

At this point, ARC had requested me to choose my color. I knew I wanted it in blue, but I was having cold feet and considering a British Racing Green. However, ARC then sent me this sample of the color they had in mind, based on the Tahiti Blue pictures I sent.

SOLD! I loved how the blue popped more once the sun hit the color so I decided on that. The color in particular is “Lapis Blue” mixed with a a blue pearl. After another week or so, ARC sent me over pictures of the painted shell!

The results were fantastic! I could not be more grateful towards the guys at Anaheim Rod and Custom. Overall, the paint work was great and I was super excited to start the VTEC build! My father-in-law and I picked it up shortly afterwards and brought the Mini home.

Look at the roof! Looks OEM!



With the Mini finally back home, I immediately started working on getting things onto the car. At least to help clear up some space in the garage. First up was the tail lights:

Next, I wanted to coat the front floors with some POR 15 to help provide some rust prevention to the metal. Plus, I wanted to give the interior another coat of paint since everything was stripped out anyways.

While the interior dried, I needed to install the rear subframe and rear wheels on so I could have a platform to install the Honda motor and subframe into the Mini. To do this, I first had to restore the radius arms. I took the opportunity to mount my new 10″ wheels as well 🙂

Finally with the rear subframe on, my father-in-law was able to help me out for a few hours and test fit the Honda motor and subframe into the mini. After about 5 hours of tedious changes, we were able to successfully fit the engine!

From here, I found the I need a new alternator bracket that will allow the Honda alternator to mount above the right-side of the bulkhead instead of the front. Since I have a standard, rounded nose, the alternator will not fit otherwise. Additionally, I need to play with the radiator because it was having some fitment issues due to the lower radiator hose.

Overall, for the next update, I hope to at least have the wiring done. However, since it is holiday season, I am not sure how much time I will have to get to this, but we shall wee!

Until next time!

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