October Update

October Update

Since the Mini is still in the body shop, October fairly slow. However, I did make some time to resolve some pending items that have been bugging me, such as the fuel tank set up. Additionally, I paint / touch up some random items that will be going onto the final build, and lastly, I said goodbye to the A-series motor 🙁

Fuel Tank

My Mini originally came with a standard, single-output fuel supply for the carb. Since the new engine is fuel injected, I had to figure out how to add a return line to my current gas tank. I was not comfortable welding a new bung onto the current gas tank (for explosive reasons) so I went ahead and tried to add a fuel fitting to the fuel sender.

Unfortunately, this did not work well because there was still some leakage even when I tightened the fitting as much as possible. Additionally, I noticed the fuel tank was already heavily rusted inside the tank as well as the bottom of it.

Knowing the old fuel tank likely wasn’t worth the trouble, I considered getting a fuel cell since I could have a larger tank with all the fuel injection inputs readily-available, but I didn’t want to sacrifice the entire boot space to accommodate the larger tank. Plus, I would have to figure out how to run a new fuel filler neck from the hole on the side of the car, to the fuel cell, otherwise I would have to open the boot every time I needed to fill up.

My final option was to purchase a new MPI Austin Cooper tank from MiniSportUSA along with the MPI fuel tank. Since it retained all the OEM locations for mounting, has the fuel pump inside the tank, and retains as much boot space as possible, this worked out.

More Painting

For painting, I touched up the steering arms since I’m reusing the ones from the A-series front subframe. For preparation, I let the arms sit in apple cider vinegar for about 10 hours to remove the rust, gave a light sand, and painted them flat black. Once the paint dried, I hit them with some clear coat to match the new VTEC subframe.

Once the steering arms were finished, I went ahead and painted my drum brakes to closely-match the new 4-pot front calipers instead of the previous aluminum polished look.

Lastly, I painted the steering column pieces since they were scratched up and such

For Next Time

Since the A-series motor was sold to a better home, I now have more room in the garage to prep for the return of the Mini. The body shop mentioned that they will likely be ready for painting mid-November, so hopefully by the next update, we can get some pictures of the new paint job 🙂 My goal is to have the car at least running by Christmas since I will have some long periods of time off from work.

Until next time!


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