September Update

It’s here! The engine has finally arrived after a much longer wait time than expected. Unfortunately, the paint shop was ready for the Mini to be delivered for the metal work and paint job, so I didn’t get a chance to test fit everything. However, since I already did most of the cutting, this should hopefully not be as much of an issue. Here are some pictures for September’s update:

Fender Flares Install

Instead of the Sportspack arches, I ordered some Group 5 arches to better fit the 10 x 6″ wheels.

Rear Wheels Test Fit

To check fitment of the rear fender arches and wheels, I reinstalled the rear subframe and mounted my new wheels

Engine Arrival

I felt like I was waiting forever, but it’s finally here. On 09/24/2018, my father-n-law and I went to pick up the engine from the local freighter facility.

Next Time

Since the Mini is gone for about 2 and a half months (or more), the next couple of updates will be much less intriguing. However, I plan on finalizing a solution to the fuel tank return line, polishing more bolts, and painting the rear radius arms and drums.

Until next time!

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