Over this past month, the Mini was sandblasted and primed, I renewed a ton of parts, and I got a delivery of a bunch of new parts. Some changes to the project include:

  • I will be going with a 10 x 6 wheel setup, not a 13 x 7 wheel setup
  • Front brake discs have to move to a 7.5″ rotor setup due to the wheel change
  • I will be going with Group 5 fender flares to accommodate the 10″ wheels, not the Sportspack fender flares


The sandblaster took some good pictures of the process. Since there was many layers of paint, some areas had to be paint-stripped.

After a few days, the car was stripped / blasted as much as possible to bare metal


Immediately after sandblasting, my father-in-law and I took the Mini straight to the paint shop who was willing to get the car immediately primer’d to avoid any flash rust.

Renewing Parts

Since the paint shop can’t take in the Mini at this point, I have some time to do test installs of the new engine, front subframe, fuel system, and fender flares. All these areas could involve some drilling / cutting so I want to make sure this is taken care of BEFORE painting.

New parts

  • New interior aluminum accessories
  • Various seals: door, boot, windows, etc
  • Autometer Phantom gauges: Speedometer, Tach, Fuel, Water, Oil pressure
  • 13″ Steering Wheel
  • 7.5″ Minisport calipers and rotors
  • New decals
  • New reverse light

austin mini project cooper classic vtec b16 MK3 red blue sandblasting primer rear subframe

What a busy month! For the next update, I’m hoping to get the engine in (should be one more week) and do a trial test fitment. The paint shop will be taking in the mini in about two weeks so there is very little overlap. The paint shop also mentioned that the Mini would be away for about 3 months 🙁

Until next time!

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