Under the Knife

Under the Knife

Sad Update

Well it’s been a few months since the last update, but things have definitely developed since then. First off, I started a new job so I’ve been trying to settle into my new role and schedule. However, with A LOT less stress, I have been able to give the Mini some more time.

I started by wanting to perform a super flush on the cooling system. After six full flushes, the coolant stopped running brown and started running green! unfortunately, I noticed that the engine was leaking oil near the transmission during the super flush. Additionally, one of the CV joints was leaking oil/grease as well.

austin mini project cooper classic vtec b16 MK3 red blue part out empty chassis

Then this happened…

A couple of wheel studs failed on the car, and my wheel came flying off. I was fortunate that I was only going about 6 MPH in a residential area. I quickly looked into this repair and found that the only way to fix it is by welding!

Pulling the Engine

After researching to fix these issues, it turns out that there is no way to repair the leaks without taking the engine out. I was a little intimidated since I have never taken an engine out, but with a little research (and an engine crane from Harbor Freight), it was a great learning experience!

With the engine finally out, the plan is to touch up the engine bay paint, rebuild the 1275cc engine, and paint the block to something other than black. Also, the front subframe looks in pretty bad shape so I am going to look into refurbishing that as well.

Strip It Down

The next step was to strip the car down to give it a VERY deep clean. I started stripping everything out of the car and documented the hardware into little baggies.

I definitely have my work cut out for me 😛

Until next time!

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  1. Great project!! I am headed the same way as you. Let’s stay in touch! I am in the High Desert (Victorville area).

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