Garage Makeover

Garage Makeover

What Am I Getting Myself Into?

With the wedding officially over, my wife and I had a TON of more time to focus on improving our new home. We improved lighting, furniture, technology, etc. Though it took a while, I was awaitin the day when I could focus on my second home…the garage 🙂

Here is what the garage looked like when we moved in:

So many ideas were running through my head on how to layout my car things, but obviously, I wanted to improve the overall feel of the garage. Though I’m no professional, I was confident that I could use YouTube to my advantage! With this, I went ahead and started on creating some “second tier” storage so my wife and I could store anything we do not use on a normal basis. Essentially, I wanted it to become a little “mini attic”.

The Construction Starts

I worked to install a pre-built ladder from Home Depot so I could gain access to the storage stuff without the use of another ladder. In addition, I installed some additional joists to support any heavier dead-weight loads. Once the joists were installed, I went ahead and threw up some thick plywood to act as the flooring. In addition, I threw up some shoplights that I bought from Amazon.

With the storage installed, there was now a ton of space to work on getting some insulation and drywall in the garage. This alone took a few weeks and quite a few trips to Home Depot, but I definitely learned a lot from the experience.

With the drywall up, the garage was finally coming together! As a big plus, my wife was no longer scared to go in haha! The next step was to start getting stuff out of the way so I went ahead and planned to make my new work area. I wanted a work bench that could be adaptive to any changes AND budget-friendly. Since I had some spare 2 X 4 lumber, I found the “2×4 Basics” item on Amazon that showed promise. (Link here: Amazon 2 x 4 Basics) Here is what it looked like:

With the workbench now set up to my liking, I went ahead and set up my work area to how I needed. Firstly, I needed my tool box in good range, then I wanted to use my ASUS Chromebit so I could have a computer readily-available for any research / documentation while I worked on the Mini. (I have a Trello board after all). I was stoked with the results:

attic storage garage austin mini cooper project drywall workbench vtec

At this point, the holiday season was getting busy so I didn’t have a chance to work on the garage much. I halted all project time on the garage makeover until the holidays were done in addition to the month of January. My family has 4 birthdays in January so it is crazy busy haha.

The Results

After 2 long months, I was confident to say that the garage is done (at least for now). I took about a week off of work to perform the last step…painting and shelving. Here are the results:

Once the paint and shelves went up, I was so happy that I could put away my construction mindset haha. I was exhausted and simply wanted to enjoy some wrench time with the Mini since it had been a couple of months of it just sitting. I know I’m no professional, but my family loves the garage and I know I gave it my all to make it look good. That’s all that matters!

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