Mini Wedding

Mini Wedding

Pre-wedding Work

My wife and I recently married in October of 2017. Since I just purchased the Mini in August of 2017, my wife and I felt that we should incorporate the Mini into the wedding. What better way to do it than to have the Mini act as our getaway car!

In order to make this happen, I wanted to check out the current state of the car and see if it was OK to drive and such. Plus, I figured this was a good opportunity to improve the interior. With this, I ended up throwing in a Kenwood receiver w/ Bluetooth and a USB.

Additionally, since I live in California, I really don’t have a need for a heater (plus, I wouldn’t be driving the Mini in the cold anyways) so I decided to remove the heater core. Not only did I get more leg space, but removing the heater system also left some room on the dash so I could install some Pioneer 3.5″ speakers for front audio.

Lastly, I washed the car, cleaned up the engine bay, and installed a horn since the car didn’t come with one.

The Big Day

October 07, 2017! The day finally arrived and everything was perfect! I couldn’t have asked for anything more than to see my wife in that beautiful dress and I am such a lucky guy to have her in my life forever!

But hey, you’re not here for the wedding stuff, you’re here for the Mini stuff so let’s get on with it haha. Once the night had ended, my dad was in charge of pulling up the Mini to the driveway of the venue so my wife and I could make our escape. Once our guests saw the car, I heard so many cheers, excitement and laughter as the Mini became visible. It was such a perfect way to cap off the wedding, and it was definitely a memory my wife and I will never forget.

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