My First Mini

My First Mini

Itching to drive a MINI again, I couldn’t help but consider how it would be to drive a classic mini and restore it as a project car. After countless hours of researching the Austin/Morris Minis, I confirmed that the plan would be to restore the entire car and drive it as a weekend warrior. Plus, my wife and I would use it for date nights! I just had to wait to find a good deal…

Finally, in August 2017, I found a 1972 Austin Cooper being sold in San Diego. Since it had a 1275cc engine, Right-hand drive, no major rust issues, and a price within my budget, I made an appointment with the seller to check out the car. This is was the car looked like in the ad:

After a few hours of inspecting the car with a checklist from The Mini Forum, and thinking about it over lunch in San Diego, I decided that it was a good deal. I paid the man and drove home! After the first 2 miles of driving the car, knowing it was mine, I realized I made the BEST CAR DECISION EVER!

I was so happy that I almost forgot to fill up the tank before heading home haha. Here is the picture of the first fill-up:

austin mini project cooper classic vtec b16 MK3 red blue

The Plan

Once I got the Mini home (and had time to stop drooling over the car), I decided to put some time in to document things that were wrong with the car. To help me manage the project, I created a Trello board to help me stay organized with whatever I needed. Here are some pictures of the car finally home:

As mentioned, the overall goal is to restore the car to a reliable condition but also provide some modern mods to help make the experience smooth, such as better lighting, decent sound system, and cosmetic accessories. Overall, I’m excited to get this started and I am pumped about this car!

Until next time!

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